Innsbrook Fire Pit

New life brought to the front face of the home through plants of all varieties

Design, Tear Out, Hardscaping, Plantings

Creating The Vision

We received a call from customers that were looking to make an investment in their future short term rental property out in Innsbrook Missouri. We were able to gather a rough idea of what they were looking for and quickly scheduled a visit out to the property. During the visit we reviewed numerous drainage issues that were threatening the property and took detailed notes regarding our customer's preferences as well as reviewed pictures to pull inspiration. Most importantly, we shared ballpark figures on the potential cost of the project and aligned on a budget that provided us with the necessary freedom to design without a price tag that would lead to shock.

A picture of the property at the time of the initial estimate

Creating The Vision

Over the next week our team worked to craft a truly eye catching yet functional design. We devised a drainage solution that would protect the future patio, walkway, fire pit, and home. When considering different material options we referred to our notes. Our customers expressed that they were interested in matching the natural stone work of the home that would soon be finished. Our team selected a beautiful three piece paver pattern, stone pillar caps, and complimenting pavers for the boarder. After the design was finalized we met with our customers over Zoom to present the proposal. We provided our them with a comprehensive drainage blueprint, 3D renderings of the plans, a material guide, and a pricing summary. Following the meeting, we aligned on a few revisions that were made and finalized the design. Once we were all in agreement the contract was signed and the necessary documents were sent to the HOA for approval.


When the start date arrived our team wasted no time and immediately got to work. We completed a full tear out, installed the drainage system, and delivered all necessary materials within the first day. On the following days to come the team focused on the hardscape feature and the surrounding landscaping. To wrap up the project the team completed a final grade of the front yard and applied a seed and straw application around the installation zone. In the end, the project took six days to complete and was finished with budgeted hours to spare. Our customers were thrilled with the final results as it was built exactly to plan! We were extremely thankful to be trusted for this project and cant wait for similar designs to come!

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