Lakeside Planting

Beautiful plants installed just in time for summer

Lake Saint Louis
Tear Out, Planting

About the project

Like many, this project was the result of a past customer providing us a referral. Our team was called on and made a visit to the property a few days later. We were met with a beautiful existing landscape however there was one very evident problem, many of the shrubs and trees around the property had died following an intense winter. We assessed the current state of the plants in question and verified whether or not they had a chance of recovering. After taking notes we discussed the plans with the customer and offered a few alternate replacement options that both met their preferences but were also more weather resilient and sturdy. After review we decided on a plan forward. The customer wanted to ensure that the replacement sizes would match that of the existing landscape in order to avoid anything from looking out of place. Although this project was sold in the heart of peak season we were able to make accommodations and replace the plants just two short weeks after the initial estimate.

Many dead lilac trees located on our customers property following a harsh winter

Completing the project

A week prior to the start date the team visited many of the local, nearby suppliers. While these plants were available at many locations they weren't necessarily the size the team and our customer were looking for. Thankfully, World Outdoor Emporium in Wentzville had a vast selection of options and sizing that met the project plans. A beautiful blue spruce, multiple lilac trees, a hydrangea tree, and various bushes were purchased and loaded into the dump trailer. In order to ensure the plants weren't damaged by wind burn Brock covered the trailer with the heavy duty tarp attached to the dump trailer. Upon the day of the project the team arrived and immediately got to work removing the existing dead plants and loaded them into the trailer for disposal. After prepping the trenches for installation the team transported the plants to the various locations around the property. Following the installation of the new plants the team worked to eliminate any traces of the replacement. stapling fabric, covering with the existing material, and grading any necessary bumps and divots. During the course of one afternoon all replacements were completed!

  • Eliminating any signs of a replacement
  • Accommodating to the customers schedule while in peak season
  • The proper disposal of all debris
  • Ensuring plants weren't harmed during transportation

Beautiful new trees delivered and installed as if we were never there

The final result

The team revealed the final results to the customers and they were thrilled! Following completion the landscape looked whole again! We were grateful to be trusted to work on such a beautiful lakeside property. We are continuing to expand into new neighborhoods around the area and can't wait to serve more members of the Lake Saint Louis community. While this plant replacement project was rather straight forward it was still vitally important to maintain a strong level of detail in order to provide the best quality service possible.

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