Wentzville Redesign

A beautiful recreation of the front yard designed to compliment the home's stone work

Design, Tear Out, Rock, Hardscape, Planting

Crafting the vision

We were thrilled to work with another great local Wentzville customer! We were approached after completing two other projects on the same street that turned out great. During the estimate the team recorded measurements and took notes on design, plant, and rock preferences. Furthermore, potential risks like sprinkler and utility lines were assessed. The customer's landscaping wasn't nearly as bad as we've seen in the past however they wanted something to really tie the front yard together and compliment the stone work of the home. The team referenced the project notes and compiled a blueprint, visual aids, and an itemized quote that was sent to the customer and discussed. The blueprint included a Versa-lok retaining wall, natural stone edging, American heritage decorative rock, various bushes, and complimenting perennials. Although there were many other competitors to consider, we were fortunate to close the deal!

The day of the project

The project began a few weeks after finalizing plans. To ensure delays were avoided all materials were delivered ahead of time. The crew arrived and conducted a guided walkthrough with the customer to ensure there was no room for miscommunication. After receiving the final sign off, the team worked diligently to complete the initial tear out. All bushes, mulch, and debris were removed and disposed. Jonathan, OwlEye's lead hardscaper began defining the perimeter of the retaining wall and set the base with crushed rock. As Jonathan worked the rest of the team prepped the beds down the dirt and began laying high grade landscape fabric. To finish the day the team completed planting. The next morning the team returned and glued the retaining wall caps and started installing the natural stone edging reinforced with concrete. As the end neared, the project really start coming together. The rock was spread and final touches were introduced. Finally, the team was able to see the results of the hard work!

Special Considerations

  • Carefully digging around utility lines
  • Ensuring every brick was perfectly leveled
  • Sealing the fabric perimeter with a concrete base and stone edging
  • Leaving the job site presentable after completing day one


We were truly grateful to work with customers that made the entire process easy and in the end OwlEye delivered on the expectations that were set. The best part is always revealing the final product to our customers, it was a night and day difference when compared to the the original canvas! The work that was done truly changed the exterior look of the home and tied everything together. This was one of the many projects our team has completed in Wentzville and certainly not the last!

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